Na Kamali'i Hoaloha

News and Updates

  • Future of a Hawaiian Island Molokai's vision of the future is based on a sustainable, green economy that protects the island's natural resources and its cultural heritage for generations to come. Download the PDF to read more...
  • “Buy the Ranch” Campaign is Underway! Help our community to raise $200 million to purchase Molokai Ranch and finally control the future of our island home. Learn more or make a donation of any amount toward our goal.

More About Moloka`i

  • Local Culture - Moloka’i has an abundance of significant cultural and archaeological resources. Most of these cultural sites are stone structures that date back as far as 1,500 years. Read More >>
  • Legends of Moloka'i - In Hawaiian tradition, there are descriptive sayings for each of the islands which reveal the outstanding features, characteristics and resources of  the land and its people, for which it is well-known and respected. Read More >>

Featured Programs

  • Na Kamali‘i Hoaloha – Na Kamali`i Hoaloha Preschool serves 22 families in a caring learning environment with well-qualified staff and a child-centered curriculum. Find out more >>
  • Lanikeha Kitchen - MCSC operates a certified commercial kitchen where local families can take their raw crops and process them into value-added products. Find out more >>

Hawaiian Quote of the Day

Mai kāpae i ke a‘o a ka makua, aia he ola malaila.
Translation: Do not set aside the teachings of your parents, for in them is life.

From ‘Olelo No‘eau by Mary Kawena Pukui (Bishop Museum Press 1983)