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  • Future of a Hawaiian Island Molokai's vision of the future is based on a sustainable, green economy that protects the island's natural resources and its cultural heritage for generations to come. Download the PDF to read more...
  • Help our community to raise $200 million to purchase Molokai Ranch and finally control the future of our island home. Learn more or make a donation of any amount toward our goal.

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  • Local Culture
  • Legends of Moloka'i - In Hawaiian tradition, there are descriptive sayings for each of the islands which reveal the outstanding features, characteristics and resources of  the land and its people, for which it is well-known and respected. Read More >>

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Hawaiian Quote of the Day

Ka pō nui ho‘olakolako, kea ao nui ho‘ohemahema.
Translation: The great night that provides; the great day that neglects.

The gods provide, but the people do not always appreciate them. Guidance is given in dreams that people misunderstand or fail to follow.

From by Mary Kawena Pukui (Bishop Museum Press 1983)