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Our Mission Statement

Kukui Hele Po - Literally: 'Carry the torch forward into the darkness.' Figuratively: 'Light the way.'

Moloka‘i Community Service Council

Founded in 1974 as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, the Moloka‘i Community Service Council has sponsored dozens of community projects over the past thirty-one years. Our mission is:

To build a healthy Moloka‘i community by providing and sponsoring non-profit human services, charitable programs and community building projects.

The Moloka‘i Community Service Council (MCSC) carries out this mission by providing:

  • A 501(c)(3) funding conduit. MCSC funnels government and charitable grants to non-profit community based projects that do not have the necessary tax exemption.
  • Direct sponsorship. MCSC directly administers a select number of programs for which no other community sponsor is available. The Friendly Isle United Way is one such program.
  • Planning and coordination. MCSC provides assistance to community groups in coordinating meetings and in developing plans and implementation strategies for their proposed projects.
  • Legal advice. MCSC’s executive director, a licensed attorney, provides free legal consultation for community-based projects.
  • Financial management services. MCSC provides bookkeeping, payroll and financial planning assistance to non-profit projects. Those projects operating under MCSC’s direct sponsorship also receive an annual audit.
  • Support for sister non-profits. MCSC assists other Moloka‘i non-profit agencies by providing free technical, financial and legal advice.