MPL is currently owned by the Guoco Group, a multinational investment group based in Hong Kong.  Its assets include 65,000 acres (nearly one-third of the island), the Lodge at Molokai Ranch, 3 tent lodging facilities, two golf courses and the Kaluakoi Hotel which has been closed since 2001.  The company also leases property to various businesses.

In April 2008, the Ranch's foreign owner decided to shut down all of its operations, putting 100 Molokai residents out of work.  When the community owns the Ranch, its former commercial activities will be revived, and managed by the community-based company.  New jobs will be created, and profits will be reinvested in community programs.  Under community ownership, the business will stop developing resort projects and stop the practice of selling land to outside speculators.  And if any new development is proposed, it will be the community that decides whether the island's sustainable resources, such as water, are sufficient to support it.